One Family's Success during the Revolution

Indeed, at the beginning of the Revolution, society seemed to be turned upside down. It was no longer the prestige of birth that counted, but what a person could contribute to society. Nobles and those who did not work were seen as profiteers. Once scorned, Parisian workers and artisans, as well as provincial farmers, were now considered to be model citizens: they were celebrated as the most useful members of society thanks to their work. And yet, the poorest among them, as well as women, were excluded from the right to vote…

At first sight, this house may not seem very special. And yet, if you look closely at the balcony’s wrought-iron bannister, you can see the date “1792,” as well as the letters “AMLB.” The large door dates from the same time period. Indeed, it was at this time that the cabinetmaker Antoine Migeon asked the architect Signy to build him a large building. By having his initials forged into the balcony, as well as those of his wife Louise Boutillier, the master artisan could thus display his family’s success to passersby!

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