The City of Paris is offering you the chance to travel back in time to Paris during the French Revolution through its many vestiges and symbols still visible from this era, a major turning point in the history of France and its capital.

The Parcours Révolution will guide you in the discovery of 16 neighborhoods, more than 120 sites from this groundbreaking era and its major historical figures, some famous, others forgotten, who made their mark on history.

Created upon the Paris City Council’s initiative and in collaboration with the City of Paris’s Historical Commission, this mobile app was designed and compiled by a research committee and historians specializing in this period.


Honorary committee:

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

Laurence Patrice, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Remembrance and Veterans

Karen Taieb, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Heritage, Paris History and Relations with Religious Communities 


This project was created upon the initiative of Mr. Eric Azière, Paris Councilor from 2015 to 2020 and Ms. Catherine Vieu-Charrier, Deputy Mayor in charge of Remembrance, Veterans and Defense Correspondent from 2008 to 2020.


Authors of the texts: Guillaume Mazeau and Jean-Claude Caron

Research committee: Guillaume Mazeau, Jean-Claude Caron (City of Paris’s Historical Commission), Danielle Tartakowsky (City of Paris’s Historical Commission), Roland Gotlib, Bernard Gainot, Valérie Guillaume (Carnavalet), Noémie Giard (Carnavalet)

The City of Paris’s Cultural Affairs Department
Irène Basilis, Director
Pierre-Henry Colombier, Assistant Director of Heritage and History

Editorial coordination: The City of Paris’s Cultural Affairs Department
Research Director: Marie Aynié
Administrative Director: Jean-Gabriel de Mons
Development and promotional department: Alix Vic Dupont, Martin Cazenave, Isabelle Shulman and Wilhelm Gosset
Image research: Karim Dahmani and Frédéric Jimeno

Publication director: Caroline Fontaine, Director of Information and Communication 


The following institutions and services helped enrich the Parcours Révolution website and application. The City of Paris thanks them deeply for the interest they have shown in this project, the favorable reception it has received and the scientific comments and additions they have provided.


The City of Paris, its officials and research committee would also like to thank the following people for their help, advice, research or meticulous revisions:

The National Center for Historical Monuments: Aymeric Péniguet de Stoutz

Natural History Museum: Gaëlle Bellamy, Jérôme Gestin, Agnès Parent, Laure Pfeffer

The Louvre Museum: Isabelle Glais, Emmanuelle Héran

Paris Musées: Frédérik Frank, Thierry Bedel, Hugo Cador, Paul Casanova, Kristel Fauconnet, Sylvie Robin

City of Paris: Jean-Marc Moser, Sophie Picot-Bocquillon, Claire Pignol, Stéphane Rouelle

Laetitia Benbassat, Vincent Casanova, Sabrina Comoreyt, Laurence De Cock, Claude Guillon, Mathilde Larrere, Mathias Lovaglio, Servanne Marzin, Martine Ramat, Christian Robin, Veronique Servat



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