Hulin, Pierre-Augustin

Soldier and revolutionary, 1758 - 1841

Portrait of Pierre-Augustin, Count Hulin (1758-1841), General
Portrait of Pierre-Augustin, Count Hulin (1758-1841), General

Hulin, Pierre-Augustin: After having been a soldier under the Ancien Régime and participating in the Geneva revolution in 1781, he left military life. On July 14, 1789, he actively participated in the storming of the Bastille and then became a captain the National Guard. Starting in 1792, he served in the army. Suspended and imprisoned in 1793 for having been suspected of being a Counter-Revolutionary, he was reinstated. Named a count, promoted to general and then the military governor of Paris under the Empire, he was exiled at the beginning of the Restoration before returning to Paris.

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